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Dr. Tal Soffer, Director.
Tel: 972-3-6407571
email: tsofer@eng.tau.ac.il

Dr. Tal Soffer is a Senior Researcher at ICTAF since 1992. She has a Ph.D. in Education from the Tel-Aviv University and an M.A. in Labor relation. She is an expert in the fields of Education and Labor relations. Her special interests include: trends in the future labor market, future occupations, skills and education. She also specializes in diffusion of innovation in the educational field, e.g. the Web-supported learning (e-learning). She is a consultant to policy decision makers in the Israeli Ministries of Education and Labor, as well as to others ICTAF clients, such as the EU. She has performed many research and consulting projects for ICTAF in the past including forecasting of the manpower needs in the education field; Forecasting of the future occupations needs in the Israeli labor market for pupils from Low Socio-Economic status groups. In recent years she has been involved in several EU projects such as: OPET, e-Living, NBIC, SSH-FUTUERS and she is coordinating the ELOST project.
She is also the Financial and Personnel Director at ICTAF

Dr. Aharon Hauptman, Senior Research Fellow.
Tel. 972-3-6407580
email:  haupt@post.tau.ac.il 

Dr. Hauptman has a Ph.D. in Engineering (Fluid Mechanics) from Tel-Aviv University (1986). Senior researcher at ICTAF since 1988. Specializes in Technology Foresight and evaluation of trends in emerging technologies. Examples of research projects: Nanotechnology, Smart Materials and Structures, Micro Air Vehicles, Quantum Technologies, Robotic Systems. Technology Foresight and Research Policy: "Delphi" survey of emerging technologies; Technology Forecasting, Foresight and Assessment as a basis for R&D policy. Active participation in EU projects: KINX - on Knowledge Integration processes in Small and Medium Enterprises. Nano-to-Life - foresight and emerging trends in Nanobiotechnologies. ELOST - emerging technologies and e-Government (focus on low-socioeconomic groups). FESTOS - foresight, scenarios and preparedness for security threats posed by new technologies. iKNOW - Wild Cards and Weak Signals shaping the policy of the Eurepean Research Area (ERA).

Dr. Yoel Raban, Senior Research Fellow.
Tel. 972-3-6407572
email:  raban@post.tau.ac.il   

Dr. Raban has a Ph.D. in marketing from the Leon Recanatti Graduate School of Business Administration, and an M.A. in economics from the Eitan Berglas School of Economics, Tel Aviv University. He has an extensive research and consulting experience in the area of socio-economic impacts of technology. He is currently involved in several EU PF5 projects, such as e-Living, and KINX. He has performed many research and consulting projects for ICTAF in the past, including strategic analysis for telecommunications operators, and assessment of the economic potential of the Israeli Biotechnology and remote-sensing industries.

Dr. Mira Marcus-Kalish, Senior Research Fellow.
Tel. 972-3-6407577
email:  miram@post.tau.ac.il

Senior Research Fellow and a Project Manager at ICTAF. Her main areas of research are mathematical modeling and data analysis applied to Biology and Medicine, as well as Biotechnology new enterprise and Strategic planning. She is also currently involved in Protein modeling research working with Professor Ephraim Katzir at the Weizmann Institute. Prior to that she was working at the Enterprise Marketing Department in IBM Israel, where she was responsible for the scientific consulting and strategic planning services given to private, public and governmental enterprise. Mira Marcus-Kalish holds a Ph.D in operations research from the Technion, where she developed, in her thesis research, a computerized diagnosis system of E.C.G. signals classification. Her post doctorate training was at Harvard University in Boston, mainly in Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics. Coming back to Israel, she joined the Tel-Aviv University Business School and was involved at the private business enterprise as well as at the academia world. She owns a B.Sc. in Statistics and Biology.

Dr. Roey Tzezana, Research Fellow
Tel: 972-3-6407568
email: sduppleganger@gmail.com

Roey Tzezana has a PhD in Nano-technology. His PhD research focused on tissue engineeing and human embryonic stem cells. Today he’s a lecturer at the Technion in the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering, and does research at the Unit for Technology & Society Forecasting at Tel Aviv University, where he focuses on researching the futures of Israel and Europe, and in subjects related to understanding the man of the future, and enhancing human capabilities. His research is being conducted in a collaboration with the security industries, the Ministry of Defense, the Israeli Police, the Airport Authority and the European Union.He has columns in several magazines, owns the popular blog Blazing Science and hosts the radio show Doctor Lama.,