The following list includes publications in English (E) for years 2000-2006  
(The complete English publications list).


  • Trends in Brain Research M. Markus-Kalish (June 2002) H/263
  • Advanced Technologies for Microplatforms; Review of R&D Activities A. Hauptman (March 2002) H/257
  • Environmental Industry Future Directions A. Hauptman, Y. Raban and A. Vaturi (March 2002) H/256
  • Future Military Communications - Aspects of Human Factors S. Rosenberg, (May 2002) H/254
  • Nanoelectronics and Nanomaterials: State of the Art and Development A. Hauptman (March 2002) H/253
  • Agro-Food Sector: Israeli Facts and Figures 2001 Y. Siderer (April 2002) E/121
  • Surface Temperatures and Urban Land-Use from Satellite Imagery in the Cities of Beer-Sheva, Jerusalem, Haifa and Natanya A. Tal (June 2002) H/250