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Innovation 2011
ICTAF participate in an "un-conference" at Ben-Gurion University promoting innovation and creativity in the fields of entrepreneurship and hi-tech. ICTAF activities:

1. Will your robot see you naked while reading your mind ?
Upcoming technologies (not only Facebook) will have a major and possibly surprising effect on privacy. Will society give up privacy for the benefits of technology? Or should succesful innovators consider the element of privacy when developing a new product ?

2. The Dark Side of Technology
Terror organizations, international criminal associations and others are using technology for their needs while causing great damage to society. Forecasting the negative usage of future technologies might assist in selecting a policy that would eliminate this risk as much as possible. We will examine this issue in light of developments in various technological fields such as nanotechnology, biotechnology, cognition and brain research and their assimilation, and will present new findings from current studies in the field.

3. Wild cards - a look to the future
Groundbreaking and influential technological developments are also often the least expected. These developments are termed ’wild cards’ - scenarios with low chance of coming into being, but should they happen their effect would be major. The deciphering of the human genome, the coming into being of the internet and the development of the social networks could be considered as wild cards. In the workshop, the participants will take part in constructing wild technological events, and will attempt to estimate their effect on science, society and economy. The workshop will be run by researchers from ICTAF, and some of the findings will be presented to decision makers in Israel and the European Union. The workshop will function as an important international tool and as part of the activity under the international projects of the European Union.