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Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development
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Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development


Start date: January 2009
End date: June 2011

The EFONET Project aims at providing policy relevant input to the EC, notably in relation with the review of the EU Energy Strategy, the establishment of the Strategic Technology Plan, the implementation of the Action Plan for Energy Efficiency.


Start date: January 2009
End date: January 2012

PERFECTION is a coordination action for which the main objective is the development of a framework and a set of indicators concerning the overall quality of the indoor environment of buildings. The main focus is on issues such as comfort, health and safety, but also accessibility, positive stimulation of people and sustainability will be covered. The long-term aim of PERFECTION is to help enabling the application of new building design and technologies that improve the impact of the indoor built environment on the human well being.

The Future of Energy Crops

End date: January 2007


European Organization for the Promotion of Energy Technology - OPET

Energy in Education Institutes

End date: March 2001