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Peace, Security and Resilience

NanoTechnology Military Applications 

Start date: December 2009
End date: November 2010

Foresight of Evolving Security Threats Posed by Emerging Technologies

Start date: March 2009
End date: October 2011

New technologies can greatly improve our quality of life, but they may also have a "dark side". The objectives of FESTOS are to identify and assess evolving security threats posed by the abuse or inadequate use of emerging technologies and new scientific knowledge and to propose means to reduce their likelihood.

Looking ahead to the year 2030, this foresight study scans the horizon of fields such as nanotechnologies, biotechnologies and information technologies, as well as capabilities that may emerge from converging technologies.

Possible prevention means and policy measures are studied in the context of trade-offs between security needs and the freedom of research and knowledge, taking into account shifts in public perceptions of threats and related security issues.



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