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Interconnecting knowledge

Start date: November 2008
End date: November 2011

This project deals with the identification and analysis of Wild Cards and Weak Signals (WI-WE). Weak Signals are ‘not necessarily important things’ which do not seem to have a strong impact in the present but which could be the trigger for major events in the future (e.g. changes in public attitudes to one thing or another, an emerging pattern of concern about emerging health problems). Finding weak signals is one of the most challenging tasks in futures research and their analysis often leads to the identification of Wild Cards - low likelihood and high impact events.

This project aims at the elucidation and examination of events and developments potentially shaping or shaking the future of the European Research Area (ERA). 

NanoTechnology Military Applications 

Start date: Dec 2009
End date: Nov 2010

 Selected Subjects in Communication Technologies

End date: march 2010



The Future of Energy Agriculture 

End date: January 2007