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Remote Sensing
ICTAF has been involved in Israel’s space program since the foundation of the Israel Space Agency in 1982. It   served for many years as the focal point for information, technology surveys and international activities . One special direction of ICTAF’s activities has been the promotion of remote sensing applications in Israel. During some 30 years ICTAF has gained unique experience in studies of space related and mainly Remote Sensing (RS) technologies and has been instrumental in many developments in Israel’s space program. ICTAF’s space related activities   include:
  • Research and value-adding studies based on remote sensing. These activities cover a large variety of applications, with special emphasis on thermal IR imaging for marine and urban studies.
  • Technology surveys in such areas as remote sensing satellites, hyperspectral systems, microsatellites and others.
  • Research on space policy and on threats to space based systems in orbit/
  • Participation in international forums related to remote sensing and GIS.